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Hi and welcome to the latest, fastest and most user-friendly version of my photographic website - Version 4.0

  I am a UK-based amateur photographer, although many of the earlier photographs here were taken during my time spent living in Germany. I first took up photography in 2009 and have since explored many different genres, subjects and styles.

 To visit my various photo galleries, please go to the  Photographs  tab and select from the sub-menus there. Enjoy ...

Andy Hearn (2015)

 What's new?

Version 4.0 of is released, following the 'hi-jacking' and total spamming of the previous version.
Still, this new version is much faster to load, easier to browse and pretty simple to maintain, so it's probably a blessing in disguise that I had to abandon the old version and build this one :-) .

 Where are the latest photos?

- 05-11-2015: In all galleries, as the website's new.

 What's next?

Hmm, no idea at the moment. Possibly some more gig photos (if I get tickets to see Conrad Keely). Otherwise, maybe some more attempts to do some multi-flash photography, if I can find a suitable location/subject.

Photo of the Month:

November 2015

Taken using a pair of flash guns with coloured gels on, then tweaking the colour balance of the final image so that the sky turned purple - I really like the tonal impact that this very dynamic photo has.